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Security Breaches at the office print infrastructure are a major concern across the globe. WeP MPS thus has collaborated with security solution partners from across the globe to provide robust and world class security solutions to organizations in India.

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With the supply of eco-friendly printers, monitored and controlled printing environment, and processing of e-waste ensuring used printers, consumables, spares do not go to the land fill if partnered with a professional e-waste management company

Managed Print Services

MPS being the next level opportunity of the printing and imaging industry culminates the printing/ copying /scanning requirements of organizations. The MPS market is still under explored in India. despite India being one of the fastest growing world markets in the sector

What is MPS?

Managed Print Services (MPS) allow an organization to gain visibility and control of all its printing and optimize it, which helps save money, enables the organization to print more efficiently. Managed printing also helps the organization to improve environmental sustainability and document security.

Managed Print Services relates to the total cost of managing and optimizing an organization’s printers, their output, and the people and processes that support their devices (such as printers, scanners, plotters, MFPs, fax machines, etc.). Permissions and access levels can be defined separately for each group of users: employees, students, faculty, clients and other authorized personnel.

Why MPS?

As an MPS provider, WeP Solutions first understands the current pain areas of the clients in the management of printers and other imaging devices and then provides a customised solution to each of its clients. With the value propositions being provided by WeP Solutions, clients reap following benefits:

Multi – location, Single-window Support:

With many customers, a common problem identified is the multi-location support of printers by multiple vendors. WeP Solutions provides a single – window support with an easy call logging option which takes care of support across 2,000 locations across the country spanning to the remotest villages, with no extra cost to the client.

How It Works

WeP Solutions not only provides MPS by deploying various types of imaging devices, but also provides MPS on the existing devices of the clients. A thorough assessment of the existing print infrastructure is done prior to deployment. All the solutions are highly customized based on the customer's need and the requirement to help reduce costs and have a greater ROI.

Determine optimum future state through insights from fact-based analysis of current state

Make a viable long term plan. Set expectations and show the way.

Implement solutions seamlessly with minimal impact and maximum organizational benefit

Increase efficiency and improve workflow to keep your business working—today and tomorrow.

MPS Benefit

With the supply of eco-friendly printers, monitored and controlled printing environment, and processing of e-waste ensuring used printers, consumables, spares do not go to the landfill if partnered with a professional e-waste management company. MPS helps organizations save costs, reduce wastage and manpower and increase productivity and ROI.

Affordable pricing and Economical viable

Policy are refined to provide you the best policy

Hassle free service to manage

eco-friendly and no e-waste

Better UI and productive print usage

No more theft issues and safety predicament

Single handling of one channel to save time

Complete manageable and no e-wastage

Suitable services to opt for PAN

Single portal happiness

Consistent and eco-friendly build of print for better management

Better UI and productive print usage


Fleet optimization includes consolidating redundant devices, reducing paper consumption by usage of the duplex printing enabling a decrease in the carbon footprint of the organization.

Our Testimonials

Being a company of more than 2, 00,000 employees, we were looking for a robust technology to support ongoing growth and help employees to be focussed on other critical activities. We approached WeP to check what they had in store. We were impressed with their service. They helped us with timely services and billing. Also, reduced our management costs and controlling costs and improving efficiency"

Leading FMCG Company

We compared our general printing costs (including toner cartridges) with WeP’s MPS package and the results were impressing. We were also attracted to the dedication of the team and service level they offer"

Leading Airline Company

We live in a digital world today. But, as an insurance company, we still rely on paperwork to some extent. And it is crucial for insurance companies to manage their printing environment and automate paper intensive workflows. Managing their fleet holistically will help in better results and accelerate business. WeP did the same for us and we are satisfied.”

Leading Insurance Company

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